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It is a late October after noon soon to be night, the ice cold rain is pouring down hard and the wind is blowing hard.

Like most people Professor Layton sat in his chair drinking his favorite tea. His mind is occupied with checking his student’s wrong answers.

Suddenly there is a hard knock on his door… 

I wonder who it is?” He wonder as he got up and open the door.

A small child not older than 8 or 10 Layton guess because he can’t see the face.

“Can I help you?”

The child meet his eyes, the purple-blue eyes were scared and tired. The robe is soaking wet and the child is shivering.

Its best I let the child in before he catch a cold Layton thought.

Layton let the child in, followed after the child to Layton’s surprise is a small brown horse with short white mane.

“My name is Link and my companion over there is Epona, thank you for letting us wait out the storm Mr.?” the child spoke softly as he took off his robe.

“My name is Hershel Layton, nice to meet you Mr. Link, would you want some tea or hot chocolate with cream?

“Please just call me Link, yes I would like to have some hot chocolate thanks” Link said calmly and sat down in the sofa. 

Layton soon come back to the living room with a cup of hot chocolate.

“So Link, were do you come from? Said Layton finish up his tea.

“I was born in a land called Hyrule, right now I travel to find my friend Navi.” Link took a sip of his chocolate.

Link talk about when he travel 7 years through time and back to save his home land, how he fell in love with the princess named Zelda. But he couldn’t be with her and that he was forces to travel back to his childhood where nobody remembers him. Then he had to stop a moon from ending a parallel world named Termina. He only had 3 days to do that but he has a special ocarina, the ocarina of time given to him by Zelda, she all so taught him the Song of Time when he left Hyrule.

Layton in turned talks about his sad life, which he lost his sweetheart Claire that his brother is a villain and has tried to murder him. He also showed Link his passion for puzzles in turn Link played some songs on the ocarina.

Before them both know it was really late and Epona had fallen asleep next to the sofa.

”I think it’s time for me to go to bed Layton said as he rise up from his chair and putting his empty cup in the drainer. Link fell fast asleep on the sofa and slept for the first time in long good.

When morning come Link and Epona were gone but Link had left a note:

Sorry to not say goodbye in person but I must go. I hope we meet again someday!

Puzzle and Tea
This is my first story of Link and Professor Layton.
I hope you like it.
Is not used to write in English.


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